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Be part of everyone’s celebrations!

Even if your business already has an online presence, trying to gain visibility in this competitive industry can be an uphill challenge. And we know you already have a million other things to worry about as a business owner!

Party Fairy is a one-stop marketplace for all things party-related, making it easier for people to discover your business, fall in love with it, and make it an inextricable part of everyone’s parties.

Manage your business anywhere

Manage orders, edit and update listings, and respond to customers instantly, from anywhere. Plus, by having all your sales on one platform, you can start collecting important data on what’s working, and what’s not – great insights that can give you a clearer direction for your business!

Partner with people who care

When you partner with Party Fairy, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll meet you, spend the time to understand your business and objectives, get you set up, promote your business across our social media platforms and through unique campaigns, and work with you to grow your business.